What Types of Natural Disasters are Not Covered by Home Insurance Policies?

When it comes to natural disasters, homeowners insurance policies can provide coverage for a wide range of events. However, there are some disasters that are not included in a typical home policy. Sewer jams, for example, are not covered by a standard homeowners insurance policy or by flood insurance. To be covered for this type of event, you must purchase a separate policy or add it as an endorsement to your existing homeowners policy.

The most common type of home insurance policy is the HO-3 policy, which covers fire, hail, volcanic eruptions, and some damage caused by tornados and hurricanes.


, thunderstorms, hurricanes, and hail are usually included in the coverage of a home insurance policy. In addition, your policy may also cover damage caused by smoke, falling objects, or high winds. If you live in California, you may need to purchase earthquake insurance from the California Earthquake Authority or directly from an insurance company.

It's important to note that home insurance policies do not cover all natural disasters. For example, nuclear events are not covered by home insurance policies. When it comes to floods, most home insurance policies do not provide coverage for this type of event. Private flood insurance policies are becoming more popular but they still represent a small percentage of all flood insurance policies.

It's important to read the fine print of your policy carefully so that you understand what is and isn't covered. If your home is at risk of damage from hurricanes or other natural disasters, it's essential that you have enough coverage to protect your property. While every home insurance policy is different, almost all policies have some coverages in common. Depending on your plan, your home may only be covered for damage caused by the specified hazards or risks listed in your policy. Before assuming you're covered for a natural disaster, check with your home insurance agent to make sure.

If melted snow seeps into the house and causes water damage, this is usually not covered and is instead included in a separate flood insurance policy. The following reference chart shows the most popular types of home insurance policies and the dangers they cover. Standard homeowners insurance coverage usually provides coverage for your home and personal property against certain natural disasters such as lightning strikes and hail storms. However, since floods are not a covered hazard, your home insurance may not fully cover damage caused by some natural disasters.